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Supported by specific legislation, the Surety Insurance has become an important instrument to replace court deposits in tax, civil and labor matters.

Sanyuu's experience ensures excellent results in accepting guarantees in various instances.
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A smart way to relieve your capital.

Surety Insurance Insurance is a new mechanism in the market. Allows your company's capital is all intended for investment, eliminating the need for: 

• Levy of execution upon assets, not compromising company assets.
• Cash deposits, enabling financial investments or in the target activity.
• Online levy of execution upon bank accounts.
• Update of amounts by depreciation of deposited assets.

In addition, it enables:

• Better cost compared to other collateral and levy of execution instruments.
• Replacement of previously pledged property.
• Improved presentation and classification of balance sheets, reducing or eliminating the Deposits in Court account.
• Release of bank credit lines, using only the limits of the insurer and reinsurer.



• Over BRL 500 million in court deposits.
• Exclusive team of professionals with experience in the guarantee market.
• Prior analysis of financial aspects to indicate the most appropriate insurer for each customer.
• Conducting the process with insurers, minimizing objections and facilitating risk acceptance.
• Monitoring of the process in the acceptance of the policy by the policyholder in the various instances (Treasury Department, Civil Courts and other courts).

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