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Directors and Officers Liability

The D&O (“Directors and Officers Liability Insurance”) aims to protect the senior executives' equity, including directors, officers, members of board of directors and company managers when they are held judicially or administratively liable for decisions that caused involuntary material, bodily or moral damages to third parties. Quick Quote
This insurance is a protection for the executives so that they do not respond to these processes with their personal equity.

D&O insurance protects the company executives' personal equity in case of conviction.
It handles with the payment of legal costs of office chosen freely by the executive from the disregard of legal entity.

Who contracts the policy?

The policy is contracted and paid by the company (Legal Entity).

Who are the Insured Persons?

• Members of Executive Board
• Members of Board of Directors
• Members of Audit Committee
• Any employee of the company who holds a management position
Note: Insured Persons are INDIVIDUALS.



Basic Coverage

• Judicial Processes
• Arbitral and Out-of-court Procedures
• Administrative Proceedings  and Regulatory
Nature: Civil, Labor, Tax, Environmental, Regulatory and Social Security.

 Scope of Coverage

• Defense Costs
• Agreements
• Indemnification

Warranties and Exclusions

Types of Indemnification

Coverage A - Direct Payment to Officers
Coverage B - Reimbursement to the Company
Coverage C - Payment to the Company (Securities)

Main Exclusions

• Intentional act
• Previous claims and circumstances
• Pension fund management


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