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Organizing an event entails a number of risks - be it a music show, a fashion show, a sports match or an institutional party.

Sanyuu-designed policies take into consideration the audience, the attraction, the caterer, the stage structure and countless items.
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Enjoy the party, cheer for your favorite athlete.

Sporting events are generally excluded from insurance packages offered by the market. Sanyuu, by contrast, has a specialized team to take care of this segment. Thus, for the public and the organizers to enjoy peacefully and safely the party, the competition, the show, Sanyuu develop policies that include:

• Civil Liability – events
• Insurance for equipment used or exposed
• Artist or athlete insurance
• Personal accident insurance for the audience
• Concert cancellation insurance
• Other items that meet specific event needs


Coverage options for:

• Street run
• Advertising awards
• Fashion shows
• Corporate social parties
• Athletics and car circuits
• Water sports competitions
• Music festivals
• Advertisement recording

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