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Financial Risks and Contract Guarantees

Based on analysis and consultancy in the elaboration and negotiation of the contracts, the policies prepared by Sanyuu make possible and guarantee financing and projects. Quick Quote
Comprehensive Financial Insurance Management

Guarantee Insurance

It guarantees the fulfillment of contractual obligations and judicial matters concerning:

• Contract signature after bidding.
• Execution of work or service.
• Payment retention and advance payments.
• Perfect operation of property and services.
• Completion of the development according to the project.
• Payment of deposits in court.
• Customs obligations with the Revenue Service 
• Liability Insurance for Administrators (D&O)
• Protects executives' personal assets against financial losses resulting from claims arising from acts in the performance of their duties.
Professional Liability Insurance (E&O)

It indemnifies third parties for damages resulting from errors and omissions of professionals. It pays for damages resulting from loss, theft or misplacement of documents. It includes court costs.

Credit Insurance

Protege a empresa contra o risco de não pagamento por parte de seus clientes, substituindo as cartas de crédito.



• Feasibility of projects with financing difficulties due to guarantees.
• Project monitoring from the beginning by specialized technical and commercial teams.
• Submission of documentation to the insurer with recommended approval and endorsement due to similar case histories.
• Guarantee analysis and validation, facilitating and accelerating approval.
• Information in less time, thanks to proximity to insurers.

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