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Large Projects

Insurance is a Key factor In ensuring  the economic viability of a large projects.

Sanyuu develops insurance solutions from contract structuring to completion of work, including testing.
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Specialized consulting since the beginning of the project.

Sanyuu provides qualified consulting that allows you to approach interests and formulate coverage proposals that meet the requirements of all companies involved.

The insurance structure developed by Sanyuu provides:

• Thorough analysis of contracts and all documentation to identify the risks to which developments are exposed.
• Diagnosis of required insurance needs and other contractual insurance.
• Negotiation with suppliers and financers, enabling better dialogue with stakeholders and better coverage.
• Monitoring by project area able to handle all insurance matters that a large development imposes.
• Personalized service and creation of solutions for each case ensuring the financial viability of the project.
• Insurance cost reduction after the delivery of the development.



The quality of Sanyuu services has already been approved by major entrepreneurs. 

Get to know some of these works:

• Subway
• Express monorail
• Road construction and duplication
• Platforms and platform vessels
• Oil refineries
• Power generators - wind, hydroelectric, thermoelectric
• Gas pipelines
• Real estate towers

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