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Selling insurance in your establishment creates a new and important center and revenue.

Sanyuu provides insurance lines to be sold by companies which have large number of customers.
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Greater flow, more presence, increased profitability.

Any company that has a relationship means, uses its own payment method, and has a large number of customers can increase their direct and indirect earnings by offering insurance.

This is a new segment especially suitable for those operating in the retail, financial, credit and services sectors.

If the company uses private label credit cards, the increase in activation rate is immediate.


Some products available

All products are awardable.

• Dental insurance.
• Vehicle, home, travel and technology assistance insurance.
• Extended and accidental damage warranty on household appliances and electronics.
• Theft or theft of purse, wallet and appliances.
• Unemployment insurance.
• Coverage in case of temporary removal of self-employed workers.
• Family injury.



• Legal, technical and operational advice on implementation.
• Sales team training.
• Incentive campaigns for sellers and end customer.
• Point-to-point sales management report.

Service all over Brazil.

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