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The Residential Insurance guarantees 24/7 protection of your residence, offering different types of coverage according to your needs for you to live more peaceful, without worrying with fire, lightning, theft and involuntary damage caused to third parties by the insured and their family members.

Portable Equipment

Portable equipment insurance provides security against incidents such as theft, physical damage, lightning, or explosion that may occur with your portable device, including: notebook, smartphone, tablets, camcorders, smartwatch, and camera.

The bicycle insurance solution ensures coverage in cases of criminal action, physical damage (deterioration, damage, disabling), and accidents caused by malfunction or human error in driving, operating, servicing and / or maintenance of the equipment
General Civil Liability

The purpose of this insurance is to protect the insured from any claims or legal actions in which they are liable for causing involuntary material or bodily harm to third parties, and / or emergency actions designed to try to prevent or undermine them, arising from claims brought by third parties as a result of the harmful acts occurred, while guaranteeing the defense costs.

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